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Celebrate the beautiful bond of togetherness on your anniversary day. We have it all ! Choose from the baskets below or call us to let us know what you want in your basket ! 


Pamper her in luxury with a day at the spa. Nestled in this Deluxe Foot Spa are our aromatherapy spa products that will delight the senses and provide her a much needed escape from the everyday. This awesome basket is  guaranteed to delight. 

Ideal for Mother’s Day or any special occasion.


Spa Dazzle $ 75.00

Gift ReminderTell A Friend

"You are both so lucky to have had each other all these years gone by but the luckiest of all are those of us who have shared in your lives"




Looking for that distinctive gourmet gift basket to give to that special man? Our Distinctive Gourmet gift basket is perfect ! Let him feast on the very best Gourmet Chocolates, delicious Wine Biscuits, Chocolate Cigars, Gourmet candies and more.

Note : We can add wine if requested !

The Distinctive Gourmet $ 50.00  

"You came into my life like a fresh breath of spring
Now after ____ years you're still here, 
Our love remains stronger each day
which age and failing health couldn't dampen my dear."

Choosing A Wine Gift Basket

During the holiday season, most of us are in a frantic search for presents for loved ones and friends. Next time, instead of the usual hassle of selecting a gift which will suit him or her, try sending a wine gift basket instead. Wine gift baskets are a perfect present for both men and women and suit every occasion e.g. Birthdays, Weddings etc. The information below will help you select an appropriate wine gift for that special occasion.

Who will be receiving the wine gift basket?

Men will prefer a bottle of wine, which they can open and drink immediately or store in their own wine cabinet (The smile when he or she unwraps the present to discover a 1990 Bordeaux is priceless) whereas women are usually more delighted with a wine accessory e.g. Corkscrew, Crystal Wine glasses or a decanter. Below are the four basic questions you need to ask yourself before you shop for a wine gift.

What is the occasion?

Different wine gift baskets are suitable for various occasions. Wine gift baskets are a favorite for parties. The numerous items within will allow everyone to enjoy the gift and enjoy the wine with delicious tidbits as well. Wine merchants also have wine gift baskets for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas etc.

What is your budget?

Most nifty wine gift baskets can be had for $25-$50 although fine wines will be more expensive. Wine gifts often include cheese and chocolates (a favorite with children). Just remember it is the thought that counts!

What is their knowledge of wine?

If the wine gift is for a beginning wine enthusiast, then a well-written book on enjoying wine will be an excellent gift whereas an expert wine enthusiast might enjoy having a stopper for the half empty bottle of wine. Try to find a wine gadget that he does not already own, most people will be touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift. The wine gadget will also remind him/her of your friendship each time he enjoys a bottle of fine wine.

About the author: Peter is a wine enthusiast who has created his own Web site which offers information on Wine Cabinets and fine wine, http://www.fine-wine-guide.com/

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/.
March 25, 2005 9:39 AM

Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Traditions

Anniversary Year

Associated Gift

1st Wedding Anniversary

2nd Wedding Anniversary Cotton
3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather
4th Wedding Anniversary Silk or Flowers
5th Wedding Anniversary Wood
6th Wedding Anniversary Iron
7th Wedding Anniversary Wool
8th Wedding Anniversary Bronze
9th Wedding Anniversary Pottery
10th Wedding Anniversary Tin
11th Wedding Anniversary Steel
12th Wedding Anniversary Silk
13th Wedding Anniversary Lace
14th Wedding Anniversary Ivory
15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal
20th Wedding Anniversary China
25th Wedding Anniversary Silver  
30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl
35th Wedding Anniversary Coral
40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary Golden 
55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald
60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond


Love, Anniversary, & Romance

  • All My Love, ...Love Always, ... Lot's Of Love
  • Much Love, ...Love And Kisses, ... X O X O X O
  • Thinking of You, ... I Miss You, ... See You Soon
  • To Say I Love You
  • Wish I Could Be With You
  • I'd Marry You All Over Again
  • My Love For You Grows & Grows
  • Forever Is My Love
  • Thanks For Another Wonderful Year!
  • Just Because I Love You
  • All My Love, Today And Always
  • From My Heart To Yours, With Love
  • I Did Not Know Love Till I Met You
  • Thank You For Each Wonderful Moment We Share
  • I Love You Soooooo Much! Thank You For Being You.
  • Beautiful Flowers For An Even More Beautiful You
  • I Am Thankful To Be Able To Share My Life With You
  • Flowers Are Nice, Here Are Some For Your Room. Before You Know It, I'll Be Back Soon. P.S. Don't Forget To Pick Me Up At The Airport, Honey!
  • God Gave Me The Best When He Gave Me You
  • Because I Still Love You Bunches!
  • Love Is Something Eternal; Some Aspect May Change, But Not The Essence.
  • You Are My Flower
  • To My One And Only Earthly Love. Though Storms May Come And Troubles Be Common, Our Love And Devotion Will Endure
  • Thank You For Being Everything I Could Ever Want In This Lifetime
  • Every Day I Give Thanks That You Chose To Spend Your Life With Me
  • Missing Your Touch, Your Smile, Your Laugh
  • You Are The One Who Makes Me Whole
  • Through The Highs, The Lows, The Rough Spots, And The Good Times, You Will Always Be My One True Love
  • Your Love Makes Me A Better Person
  • Without You, I Have Nothing. With You, I Have Everything And More.
  • You Are A Beautiful Wife, Mother, and Partner In Life. I Love You!
  • I Am So Glad You're A Part Of My Life
  • I Love You More Than I Ever Thought Possible
  • You Are My Angel, And I Thank God For You
  • Your Are My Soul's Desire, My Life, My Flame, My Fire. I Will Love You To The End And Beyond.
  • You Are My Love, My Life, My Friend, My Soulmate, My Lover, My EVERYTHING! You Complete Me.
  • It's Not From My Garden, But It's From My Heart
  • Have A Beautiful Day, Because I'll Have One Just Thinking Of You
  • Just Twelve Little Ways To Remind You That I Love You (for roses)
  • With Loving Thoughts and Passion Still
  • Kiss Me And You'll See Stars, Love Me And I'll Give Them To You
  • Though There Are Miles Between Us, There Is No Diminishing The Closeness We Share
  • To The Greatest Wife, The Most Caring Mother, And My Best Friend.
  • Thanks For Sharing Your Life With Me.
  • I Love Your Eyes, I Love Your Smile, But Most Of All I Love Your Style
  • To My First Mate. I Wouldn't Want Anyone Else On My Ship!
  • Thank You For Being Everything I Could Ever Want. You've Filled My Life With Joy.
  • WARNING! Only The Sweet & Beautiful May Touch This. That's Why I'm Sending It To You.
  • From The Bottom Of My Heart And The Depths Of My Soul, With Love
  • Flowers Are Like Love. Cut Them, And They'll Languish. Nourish Them, And They'll Flourish.
  • A Little Something To Let You Know You're On My Mind And In My Soul
  • I Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love You! (One For Every Month Of The Year, Because There Isn't Enough Room For Days Or Weeks.)
  • Your Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
  • I Could Very Happily Get Lost In Your Beautiful Blue Eyes
  • Around You, I Lose Myself. Away From You, I Find Myself Wanting To Be Lost Again.
  • A True Love Is The Only Rose Without A Thorn
  • My Love, Inspiration, And Guide. My Life and My Destiny. You Make My Dreams Come True.
  • You Give Me Hope When I Need It The Most
Romantic Anniversary Ideas for a Couple

There are many ways to make your anniversary day romantic and special. The trick is to build a romantic evening together with some simple romantic ideas and gestures. Here are some romantic anniversary ideas that will definitely make your evening perfect and intimate in every possible way. Let romance become a habit; express yourself with a romantic gesture everyday.

  • Give your wife or husband a five-minute massage. Focus on one area at a time like hands, shoulders, feet etc.
  • Call your sweetheart up just to say “I love You” or wish a “Happy Anniversary.”
  • Don’t leave home without giving your partner a warm hug or a kiss.
    Express yourself. Hold hands, look deep into each other’s eyes or just kiss because you feel loved.
  • Take walks together. Share some silent moments with sunsets or sunrises. Plan out vacations together. On your anniversary you can start the day by going for a long drive early in the morning.
  • Always introduce your wife or husband with a romantic line, like ‘the flower of my life’;’ the most adorable man in this world’, etc.
  • Treat yourselves to a luxurious spa day at home with a spa gift basket.
    Pamper each other with some massages and private time spent together. Indulge yourselves on this anniversary.
  • Surprise your better half by lending a helping hand to do some household chores. Share the work together and enjoy the moments together.
  • Keep a collection of some romantic cds handy and play whenever free. It will create a romantic ambience in your everyday life.
  • Get into the anniversary celebration mood with going away to some tropical area of your choice. You can even decorate your home with some tropical theme to get a happy feel.
  • Select some inexpensive cards and just one week before your anniversary start sending one each everyday. You can even send flowers everyday in place of cards.




Elegantly Expressed specializes in creating gourmet gift baskets for all occasions. We offer "customized", "convenient" and "affordable" Gift Giving Solutions to individuals, small businesses as well as corporations. We know that you insist on only the BEST in quality, selection, and service. So do we!

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME  Can't find what you are looking for? Call us and we will be happy to custom design a beautiful basket for your particular budget and occasion. OR Just fill out this Custom Order Form and we will call you. Or Call us at 847-277-1483.

Member of The Barrington Area Chamber Of Commerce, National Specialty Gift Association & The TeleGift Network



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